Thursday, November 5, 2015

Poems 11/5

Love dyed deep in rust

Fallen soft like feathers doffed

Gently, as it must

(Haiku with the help of an anonymous friend)

This fear is like Fall for ripening leaves

Caught up dancing among the breeze

This fear is abandonment by stalwart trees

Letting go with tacit ease

No one tells you, when your body turns to soil

Where your colors go

                                        Come to me
In this lover's embrace
A once empty canyon
Now filled with your Grace

Your arms are all silk and I am the worm
Wrapped in your blanket, I slowly change form

I abstained from the sky with barely a taste
For what can compare to
Your Heavenly Face?

Come to Be
 Said the Lord of Light
Yet Adam opened his eyes
Only for Eve

Where does love go when lost?

The ocean yearns the moon

Sings a longing cyclone

Released far too soon

A message in a bottle is message from time. And so is this blog post.


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