Saturday, April 21, 2012


swirl into a Dervish dance, from there you will find God's Romance
Within your heart you will find your rhythmic beat, chiming to the gleam of your beloved's feverish heat
Love, love, love
That is the Name of Everything, from the Dome of Rock to her ankle ring
Hate, hate, hate
That is the broken glass that held your morning drink, wasted upon Hellfire's Boiling Sink

The Tenderest Branches

Aye the tenderest branches within the heart
Love veins
                pumping adrenaline rain
                                                    from the start
So I can breathe a little more
What was then, has festered and tore

The tree within me stands shaken
It's fruitless leaves far forsaken
For what once grew anew
             dissipated along with the faded morning dew

What is left when the sun has dried me up?
Left the soul rotten and forgotten until the mind begins to corrupt?
The answer is the aching sighs of seashells made...
                                                                            from where emptiness lies
Do you hear them whispering?
               gentle hello
The volume of echoes low and paper thin
Sensitive cold long old and tapering

Jessica's Morning

I walked the morn with a sleepy daze

Eager bird yawlers pitching bright serenades

The light lit waters reflecting deep golden rays

Creeping in the beauty of my lasting wandering days

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts today

God I'm tired
I do this to myself and I'm sorry
Not because the world is against me
Not because I have someone to blame
I'm accountable to only God
And no one is accountable to me

God, I'm done with this
I forget to pray, or don't pray
It's like climbing a mountain
It's beautiful at the top, I can sleep at the summit and watch the Heavens circle me
But it's so easy to just fall off...and then I must climb up again.
I know, this is the worst type of comparison to give to it, because it makes me not want to climb..but how must I climb
To get out of this tepid water, this dank air, this...filth that I call my state of mind.

God, what's next? Where do I go
I am off again to a new world, a world that has less to take, and more to breathe
But here am I, running away from these feelings that will never get vanquished, never get validated, so I can put up a mask or even more difficult, try to calm my spirits down.

I love my Lord, I fear my Lord, though maybe I care too much about myself to let those thoughts light.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Growing Old

No one wants to grow old
to watch the sun fade from gold
no one wants to be told
that everything they love will eventually lay cold

So let us rise with this morning light
Let us shine and remember to fight
For everything within our sight
Solidly grasped, snug and tight