Friday, March 30, 2012

Thoughts in the rain

What are thoughts in the rain
Like blossoms against my umbrella pane
Dropping memories against the mud
Thundering echoes upon each thud

Departure date

I'm leaving, June 4th, 2012.
I find out next week what my assignment is.


Dreams are thoughts denied, nightmares that dwell beyond kind
A cruel joke set outside real time
All measured in the Devil's metered rhyme
I burn each night with thoughts of the light on your face
Only to bear the morning sun without a scented trace
Dreams are thoughts encased...nightmares of happiness erased


Sometimes I think I walk on air
Where wispy river mist currents rush through my clothes and tear
These rolled up sleeves of mine
The breeze, just wearing these finger bones down fine
My tips are shrivelled to be the circumferance of surface tension
Allowing me to float in a water bubble suspension
Only fear pops me from my rise
And this dream gently falls and dies
And I forget that this body of mine has weight
Of dead, lifeless precipitate
Cold and unmoving


bless the kind, the radiant, and the giving
for the light they shine on living

Firefighter's \Requiem

I gazed upon the pit of Hell to see the lost souls burning
My eyes stayed dry, though my heart did try
The human spirit yearning

Oh into the flames once more, until the body does tire
Blood and honor we all once wore, fuel to the fireman’s pyre

5 am morning

I walk across the frozen mountain top
Surrounded by faded streets of clouded crop
There above the sun does roar
It's blazing arch through my chest it bore
Above it all lay the stars Divine
With the fires dissolved do they coyly shine
With one pleasure lies a million others
As the wind pushes me off to the Heavens towards my brothers